Artistic director of Beaubow

Photo :  Julie Trannoy

A heart shared between fashion and decor
An official member of the Haute Couture Federation, a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, couturier Alexis Mabille has achieved lasting recognition with his fashion signature. Today, he reveals another facet of his creative identity: interior decoration, a passion that sparked from the youngest age, at the contact of the architects and decorators of his family, one he has long cultivated through his experiences and acquaintances. 
For the French grand couturier, the environment of a person is essential, participating in their well-being, personal and emotional development. In the same way an outfit must highlight the body while being comfortable, an interior must express the personality of its owner while being adapted to their lifestyle. 
Because he personally loves to entertain, Alexis Mabille has imagined a decorative style in his image, a cohabitation between periods, a blend of style with an interplay of volume, materials, and colours. His proclivity is creating warm and sophisticated places that truly comes alive with guests. Several restaurant owners have already entrusted him with the decoration of select Parisian spots. 
A fan of design, Alexis Mabille has created furniture for his own interior, now available by special order.